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The inspiring and creative cowork space in Ericeira.

Born in Ericeira from a creative mind, and being the first independent cowork in town, Salt Studio is the result of lots of hard work and passion – creating a space that is nurturing and beautiful to work from.

We offer several passes, pick what best suits your needs.


1 day

In town for a day, check your emails, make a call, and meet new people.

9 am – 6 pm / Mon-Fri



7 days

On a trip, the place to work with everything you need while abroad.

24/7 access



30 days

With full access to Salt and a dedicated desk, get work done with the gang.

24/7 access



90 days

Part of the Salt family and Ericeira, welcome to your office.

24/7 access

Want more freedom? Take a look at our flexible packs.



5 days/2 weeks

Get 5 x 1-day pass to use within 2 weeks.

9 am – 6 pm / Mon-Fri



10 days/month

Get 10 x 1-day pass to use within 1 month.

9 am – 6 pm / Mon-Fri

Salt services

Salt has everything you need to work, all included.

Superfast WiFi

Say Hello to productivity! At Salt Studio, our lightning-fast WiFi ensures a seamless work experience, allowing you to power through tasks, collaborate effortlessly, and stay connected with ease.

Open 24/7

With the door code work on your terms, day or night. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, our doors are always open to accommodate your unique work schedule. Daily and Flex opening time - 9 to 6pm.

Calls & Meetings

Our two-floor setup caters to all your meeting needs. Perfectly designed for seamless virtual or in-person meetings, Downstairs, discover two soundproof meeting rooms and a spacious shared call space with unlimited use.


At Salt Community is key ! Fostering a vibrant collective of like-minded members. Where collaborations, life and knowledge exchanges flow freely. Expand your horizons in an environment designed for meaningful connections.

Proper setup

Elevate your workspace with Salt Studio ! Our proper setup is meticulously designed for optimal comfort and focus while while fostering creativity. Enjoy a thoughtfully curated environment that fosters your best work, every day.

Bottomless hot drinks

Fuel your productivity with endless sips of inspiration. Our space is powered by more than just work—it's fueled by our delightful blends of coffee, tea, homemade kombucha, and cookies—all complimentary, all part of the Salt Studio experience."

Sit with us for a day and see how you like it!

Have a look at our site and book your space, or get in touch with any questions.