House rules

1. Always be kind! Treat members, visitors, and staff as you would like to be treated.

2. Do not seat at other desks. If you are confused about what desk to take, ask the manager. Dedicated desks are available just for the longer-term members. Daily, weekly, and flex passes can use the shared table.

3. Be respectful of other members and take all your calls downstairs in the call area. We have an entire floor dedicated just to calls and meetings. If you need more privacy, book the meeting room.

4. Coworking is all about sharing space, so please use the call/meeting rooms mindful of others and honor the workspace reservations you make/cancel reservations in advance.

5. We all feel better in a clean and organized space. Please, clean up after yourself, and leave workspaces and common areas as you found them.

6. To enjoy your favorite jam, please use headphones but please always share a good music finds.

7. Salt Studio is all about community and we want you to be part of it. Join us every Thursday at 1 pm, for our Community Lunch and every Friday for our weekly gathering around Ericeira.

8. For Daily and Flex members opening time is from 9 am to 6 pm. Monthly and Weekly members have 24/7 access.

9. Refund Policy for all memberships in case of cancelation:  No refund is applicable. Instead, you can use the purchased pass within a year of the purchase date. Please, send an e-mail to informing the new desired date, so we can check the availability.

These are Salt Studio’s House Rules. Please, also read Salt Studio’s “Terms of Use”.

Important disclaimer: Any changes can be made to this site, prices, House Rules, or in-house functioning without previous notice or warning.

Thank you, Mariana.
(Founder & CEO)